6 Stunning Heart Shaped Diamond Rings

So almost a month has passed since Valentine’s Day, and though most people would say it’s too late to talk about gifts and hearts, we say it’s never too late. So tell us, what Valentine’s gift did you lovely ladies receive? Boyfriends and husbands, what surprise gifts did you give to your gorgeous partners? We are sure most of you have a gleeful and mischievous smile creeping on your faces right now thinking back on the day of love. There must be some good one and some great ones, but if we list the best gifts received on Valentines, nothing can beat Lady Gaga’s engagement ring , a stunning heart shaped diamond ring that sent the whole web world into a buzz. “A Diamond is a girl’s best friend” is not just a mere phrase. Only a woman can best understand the charm of a diamond. While a box of chocolates in shape of a heart is a sweet treat indeed, but there is a whole different level to the charm of receiving a brilliant heart shaped diamond. Ask Lady Gaga!

Let us have a look at six stunning heart shaped diamond rings that are sure to swoop you off your feet:

The Blue Heart:

After the famous Hope diamond and Heart of Eternity, comes the next pristine rare blue diamond, the Blue Heart. No one can really pin point the origins of this rare beauty though it is believed to have come for Africa or India. It was cut in to the dazzling heart shape during 1909-1910 and was acquired by Cartier. In 1959 Harry Winston acquired the Blue Heart and mounted it on a ring, which was then sold to founder of Post cereal, Marjorie Merriweather Post. The current residence of this rare Blue heart ring is at the Smithsonian.

Lady Gaga’s symbolic engagement ring:

Perhaps the most talked about engagement rings of year 2015 is Lady Gaga’s heart shaped diamond ring. And why not! This dazzling stunner has got the whole jewelry world into a flutter. Designed by famous Lorraine Schwartz, this high grade, finely cut heart shaped diamond is not the only part that’s swoon worth. Lady Gaga’s fiancée Taylor Kinney had further added some sweet symbolic details to the ring like the couple’s initial crafted in small diamonds at the base of the ring. Absolutely romantic!

Blue Sapphire Heart:

Being proposed at a romantic candle light dinner with Frank Sinatra music playing in the back drop; however cliché is every girls dream. That’s how the lucky girl Andrea Hissom got her gorgeous heart shaped in a shade of lightest blue sapphire engagement ring given to her by billionaire Steve Wynn. The stunning sapphire ring surrounded by smaller diamonds is worth $1 million.

Fancy Yellow diamond ring:

England Football player Ashley Cole proposed his girl friend Cheryl Tweedy with a fancy yellow diamond heart-shaped engagement ring in a very unique vintage setting. Though the couple has now separated this ring still remain one of the coveted celebrity engagement rings.

Eye popping pink diamond ring:

British model Katie Price has been spotted wearing a very eye popping pink diamond heart-shaped engagement ring set in a halo of brilliant diamonds. But that not the only way to wear a heart-shaped halo ring. Pink diamond is a tad bit costly than a pink sapphires. You can have an equally tantalizing halo engagement ring with a brilliant heart shaped diamond as centre stone accentuated by pink sapphire in a beautiful halo setting like this Halo Heart Ring.

Dazzling Aura of Halo Heart:

The best way to make a heart shaped diamond look bigger and radiant is by having it surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds. British pop star Marvin Humes proposed Rochelle Wiseman with an alluring heart-shaped engagement ring accentuated by a halo of fine diamonds, on a romantic outing at the Caribbean. But, even more tantalizing and impressive would be a double halo engagement ring, wouldn’t it? Undoubtedly, a sure way to win any heart is with a ring like this dazzling Lovestruck Halo Engagement Ring crafted by Fascinating Diamonds.

These exquisite heart-shaped diamond rings rekindle our hope and restores our faith in the alluring power and symbolic attributes of ever romantic heart shaped diamonds. So if you think that proposing with a heart shaped ring is too cheesy; nothing can be further than the truth. Bring a bit of the good old romance and give her a heart ring along with your heart; because no matter what they say to the contrary, every girl digs in romance.

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