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LUX LIFE is a part of the prestigious Luxury Group, world’s guide throughout the world of LUXURY and glamour, revealing THE BEST of the luxury lifestyle, which represents the TOP of the top luxury industries, for everyone participating in a luxury life or enjoy to see the latest high-end fashion collections, watches and jewelry, exotic destinations, interiors and exteriors of luxury villas, most expensive cars, private jets, yachts and other hottest world’s trends.

Established in 2009., our company combines quality editorial content and elegant design, consisting of the most amazing topics and stunning beautiful images. It opens the door of luxury and glamour discovering THE BEST OF LUXURY...

We operate on 3 continents (Europe, America, Asia)

In 6 languages

We cover the market of 1.94 billion people and more than 821 million Internet users

Our Chinese portal is the newest member of our unique Luxury Group, the mission of this portal is to conquer the Chinese market and to open the doors for new business and collaborations with Luxury industry in that particular area.

Our sites cover various topics and have meticulously divided sections…

In our LIVING section you can see articles about architecture, interior design, furniture and design in general. You can read about luxury villas, celebrity homes, fantastic interiors and luxurious furniture.

FASHION section contains all the latest information about hottest fashion trends, newest collections, haute couture, as well as luxury beauty products like perfumes, make up and other. There are also articles about newest luxury watches and popular jewelry.

If you are interested in yachts, cars or motorcycles you should look into our ON THE ROAD section and read about expensive yachts, cars, motors, planes and everything which moves on wheels or sails.

Travel and vacation are your passion? Make sure to check out our TRAVELLING section and read all about luxury hotels, relaxing spa centers and private resorts, remote destinations, and exotic islands and beaches.

Our LIFESTYLE and TREND  sections contain of various texts regarding fancy restaurants and luxury wine and champagne, and also latest high tech trends, gadgets and products.

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