Bianchet Bistro – Yarra Valley

Bianchet Bistro – Yarra Valley offers an enjoyable dining experience in an idyllic setting. This family-owned winery offers a modern Australian menu and outdoor lawn seating. For those seeking a romantic evening in a beautiful setting, Bianchet Bistro is a great choice.

Bianchet Bistro & Winery

A modern Australian menu and a stunning view of a winery lawn set the scene for dining at this Family-owned winery. Outdoor seating is available on the grassy lawn. The restaurant is also dog-friendly. Its casual atmosphere makes it an ideal location to enjoy a drink while sipping on some fine wines.

This winery is nestled in the Yarra Valley. The Bianchet Café serves up grand portions of its signature dishes, featuring locally grown produce. Gippsland Black Angus Prime Cut is one of the main features, but the menu also features Bouillabaisse, king prawn, fennel, and more. The plating is also stunning and the wine pairings are outstanding.

Bianchet Yarra Valley

Bianchet Yarra Valley is a family-owned winery with a modern Australian menu. The dining area features a grassy lawn and outdoor seating. The restaurant and bar serves a variety of wines. There’s also a wine shop. The venue is ideal for special events.

Bianchet has been in business for over thirty years. It is one of the most popular wineries in the region. Its large, flexible space is perfect for wedding ceremonies. You can have a ceremony outdoors or in the indoor dining room. You’ll also have plenty of room for dancing, and a wedding specialist is on site to help you plan the perfect wedding day.

Bianchet Yarra Valley Restaurant

Modern Australian cuisine is served in this relaxed, family-owned winery. Outdoor seating is available on the lawn. Guests are welcomed to relax and enjoy the view of the Yarra Valley vineyards. The bistro is a great spot for a special date or to enjoy a romantic dinner for two.

The restaurant was established in 1978 and is a family operation. The bistro features award-winning dishes, prepared by Executive Chef Aaron Brodie. The menu features locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. Dishes include charred rainbow trout with miso and sesame and smoked trout with soy.

Bianchet Yarra Valley Wine Club

Bianchet Yarra Valley Winery club is a wonderful family owned venue for a unique wine and food experience. This venue offers a Modern Australian cuisine menu. Guests can enjoy outdoor seating on a lawn. The staff is friendly and helpful and the food is delicious.

Bianchet is a popular winery in the Yarra Valley and is just an hour’s drive from Melbourne. It’s a great place to relax, sample the wine, and pick up a bottle or two. The winery started out modestly in 1976, but has grown to become a hub for relaxation. The winery also hosts regular wine and food festivals. Weddings can also be held at the Bianchet Bistro and Winery.

Bianchet Bistro – Winery Yarra Valley

The Family-owned Bianchet Bistro – wine-ry is a charming venue offering a Modern Australian menu in a scenic, grassy setting. Guests can enjoy the fresh, locally sourced produce and the fresh, friendly service of the Bianchet team.

Bianchet Yarra Valley

Located on a family-owned winery, the Bianchet Bistro – Winery yarra Valley offers a modern Australian menu. It features outdoor seating on a lawn. Guests can enjoy a glass of wine and enjoy the views of the vineyards.

The winery’s Bianchet Café serves award-winning cuisine. The menu is influenced by the garden and the seasonal produce grown by the estate. Signature dishes include charred rainbow trout served with miso and sesame. The winery’s winery-owned Oakridge Winery offers a range of handcrafted wines.

The Bianchet Bistro – Winey Valley is located just 45 minutes from the Melbourne CBD. It’s an ideal spot to spend the afternoon with friends, or spend the evening sipping a glass of wine. The winery also features a gourmet pizzeria and an extensive wine list.

Bianchet Bistro – Restaurant Yarra Valley

Located in the picturesque Yarra Valley, Bianchet Bistro & Winery is the perfect place to enjoy a casual meal. Its menu focuses on Modern Australian fare. You can choose between indoor and outdoor dining in this elegant setting. Outdoor seating is available on the expansive lawn of the winery.

Bianchet Bistro & Winery

Located on the grounds of a family-owned winery, this restaurant serves Modern Australian cuisine. The venue features grassy lawns with outdoor seating. The friendly, attentive service and relaxed atmosphere make it a great place for a date or a special occasion.

Fable Dining Room

The Fable Dining Room at Bianchet is a degustation-focused restaurant with a menu that changes with the seasons. Cooper plans to make the Fable an iconic dining destination, serving dishes like spice-crusted pork, almonds, beetroot, mussels, and other seasonal dishes. The restaurant is also home to a wood-fired oven. Its pizzeria offers Italian-style pizzas, antipasti, and charcuterie.

Yarra Valley Ketchup

Paul Cooper is a chef and owner of Bianchet Bistro and Providore in the Yarra Valley. He also owns Yarra Valley Ketchup and Pies and Progress Food. His own recovery from an accident inspired him to start these ventures. Paul Cooper spoke to Eater Australia about the challenges he faced while bringing his business back to life.

Victorian era decor

Dining at Bianchet Bistro – Yarra Valley is a treat for the senses. This authentic Italian restaurant is set in a historic stable, which was once used as private quarters for farm hands and animals. The decor evokes the period, while the menu reflects seasonality and the chef’s experience. You’ll find a lovely blend of Victorian and modern elements at this charming restaurant, as well as affordable prices.

Perfectly cooked medium steaks

Bianchet Bistro – Restaurant Yarra Valley offers high-quality Australian cuisine accompanied by a good selection of wines. This restaurant is also known for its friendly service and beautiful decor. The bistro has 60 indoor seats and 70 outdoor ones. The food is presented with attention to detail, and the prices are reasonable.

Wine club

Bianchet Bistro – Restaurant Yarra Valley is located on the grounds of a family-owned winery. It serves a modern Australian menu with outdoor seating on the grassy lawn. A wine club is available for members to enjoy special wine and food pairing events.

Bianchet Bistro – Yarra Valley Restaurant

Bianchet Bistro – Yarra Valley restaurant is a family-run vineyard that serves up Modern Australian cuisine. Located on the vineyard grounds, the restaurant has an outdoor lawn where guests can dine while enjoying the scenic vineyard. Whether you’re hosting an event or simply enjoying a date, this Yarra Valley restaurant is a great choice.

Bianchet Yarra Valley is a family-owned vineyard

Bianchet Yarra Valley is located in the heart of the Yarra Valley, a half hour drive from Melbourne CBD. This quaint winery offers dining and wine tasting, as well as group picnics and wedding ceremonies. Its relaxed atmosphere makes it the ideal location for a special occasion.

Known for its fine wines, Bianchet Yarra Valley has over thirty years experience in the winemaking industry. Their facilities include an elegant dining room and gazebo overlooking the vineyard. You can choose from three different catering packages, or work with the experienced wedding specialists to create a bespoke package.

It produces Verduzzo wine

Bianchet Bistro is a Yarra Valley restaurant and winery that serves exquisite food and excellent Verduzzo wine. The bistro is housed inside the winery and has an outdoor area with 70 seats. The restaurant is operated by the Aquaro family, who took over the restaurant in 2008. The new owners aim to provide a dining experience of the highest quality while providing excellent customer service and a relaxed atmosphere.

The Bianchet Winery is one of the oldest vineyards in the Yarra Valley, only 45 minutes’ drive from Melbourne. The winery features a charming atmosphere, lovely decor, and good coffee. You can choose from a wide range of wines at reasonable prices.

It caters for all functions

The Bianchet Bistro is a stylish and comfortable venue with indoor and outdoor dining areas. It offers a modern Australian menu and caters for special occasions. In addition, it features four bedrooms with en-suites and a fully equipped kitchen. It also has an undercover outdoor entertainment area. The Bianchet Bistro also offers onsite accommodation, which includes a caretaker’s cottage with two additional bedrooms.

The Bianchet Bistro & Winery is situated in the Yarra Valley, 45 minutes from Melbourne. The winery is open most of the year. It features a renovated alfresco area, a new cellar door, and a fully-stocked wine bar. The Bianchet Bistro & winery is an ideal venue for all types of functions.

It offers perfectly cooked medium steaks

The Bianchet Bistro is a Yarra Valley restaurant with a menu focusing on classic Australian fare and a wine menu. The restaurant serves delicious chardonnay, scotch, coffee, and a warm atmosphere. The staff is courteous and the prices are reasonable.

For a perfectly cooked medium steak, you’ll want to finish the cooking process with a bit of butter. This is usually added near the end, to give the meat a rich nutty sauce. The butter should be slightly browned, so that it releases its flavours. Medium steaks are slightly springy but firm, and can be cooked for five minutes per side, depending on their thickness. While some people prefer to eat steaks immediately from the pan, you should also allow them to rest for at least five minutes so that the juices can seep back into the meat.

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