During the development of mod style in 1960s, the mods used scooters as a fashion accessory. In this article we will let you know about the mod style and how mods used scooters as their fashion accessory during those periods. In short, how mod style and scooters are associated with one another. During 1960s, many of the mods used motor scooters as a means of transportation especially Vespa or Lambettas. Before the development of mod subculture, these scooters have provided an inexpensive means of transportation but the mods stood out in the way that they treated the vehicle as a fashion accessory. Read on to know more about scooters and mod style during 1960s.

As mentioned above, scooters were used as a fashion accessory by mods, they usually preferred Italians scooters because their scooters are clean lined, curve shapes as well as gleaming chrome. For the young mods of that time, Italian scooters were the “representation of continental style & a way to escape the working-class row houses of their upbringing”. These youngsters even painted their scooters in “two-tone and candy flake and over accessorized their scooters with luggage racks, crash bars, and scores of mirrors as well as fog lights. Moreover, the young mods also put their names on the small windscreen. This makes their scooters different from others. 

As far as mod style and scooters is concerned, these scooters were also a practical means of transportation for teens in 1960s. During early 1960s, public transport stopped in the late night. This led mods to used scooters as their means of transport in late nights and allowing them to stay out all nights at dance clubs. During that time mods often wore long army parkas so as to keep their expensive suits clean and warm. For those teens with low-end jobs scooters are cheaper than cars. A law was passed that require at least one mirror to be attached to every scooter or motorcycle. 

Later on, media started associating Italian scooters with the image of savage mods after the seaside resort brawls. With events like the November 6, 1966, “scooter charge” on Buckingham Palace, the scooter, along with the mods’ short hair and suits, began to be seen as a symbol of subversion. After the 1964 beach riots, hard mods began riding scooters more for practical reasons. Their scooters were either unmodified or cut down, it was nicknamed a “skelly”. Lambrettas were cutdown to the bare frame, and the unibody -design Vespas had their body panels slimmed down or reshaped. This completely shows the association of mod style and scooters during 1960s.