Five PR Agencies in Australia

Good Talent is a media company that works with businesses to create effective PR strategies. The agency has offices in Sydney and Melbourne. It also provides media training for all levels of staff. Director Tony Nicholls has a background in broadcast journalism and public relations, and he believes that PR is an extremely powerful tool for businesses.

Tony Nicholls is the founder and director of Good Talent Media

Good Talent Media is an Australian PR firm that has helped hundreds of business leaders prepare investor presentations. Its services include full-service public relations, crisis media management, political lobbying, and media training. It has tripled its staff roster in the last year, making it one of the fastest-growing agencies in Australia.

Good Talent Media is led by Tony Nicholls, a former ABC journalist and political lobbyist. In his role as director of the firm, Nicholls advises clients on the best ways to get their story heard. He also shares his own lessons learned from his years in the industry.

The agency provides media training for all levels of employees

Media training can be crucial to the success of a company. Whether you’re in charge of a company’s media strategy or need public speaking skills, Good Talent PR can provide assistance for all levels. The agency’s services span the spectrum of PR and communications from small business to global brands, from government agencies to high-profile celebrities. The firm’s roster of clients includes Olivia Rodrigo, Allyson Felix, Peloton, and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. The PR agency’s roster also includes some promising young talent, including two Oscar nominees.

It works with influencers

Viral Nation is a full-service PR agency that works with influencers and brands on the top social media platforms. Their services range from paid boosting and whitelisting to retargeting and social media strategy. They represent influencers across all demographics and work with brands at all levels.

The agency works with influencers on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. They also offer personal branding services and PR support. Their team will manage your campaign and will monitor its results. The agency has offices in Germany and Sweden and a large network of 150K+ influencers.

It has offices in Melbourne and Sydney

If you’re looking for a PR agency with offices in Melbourne and Sydney, you’ve come to the right place. Kate & Co. PR is one of the most well-respected independent agencies in Australia. With over nine years of experience, they are known for their creativity and efficiency. They specialize in branding and PR strategies that deliver results for their clients. Their team includes PR professionals who have experience working with a range of national and international brands. For example, they’ve worked with Coles Supermarkets and the Australian Turf Club. Another excellent PR agency in Australia is Kreate PR, which specializes in live experiences and amplifies brands through PR. Their services include strategy, advertising, digital marketing, and events.

HooZu is another Sydney-based agency with a management team that combines celebrity and technical know-how. They’ve been providing influencer marketing services to Australian brands for two years. They use technology to identify talent on social media and work with a variety of different influencer types. They have trading agreements with major talent agencies and work with influencers to build positive conversations around their clients’ brands.

Good Talent – Public Relations Agency

Good Talent – Public Relations Agency is an agency with an enviable roster of clients, including Olivia Rodrigo, Allyson Felix, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Peloton, and many more. The agency has worked on Oscar nominations, social-justice campaigns, and other high-profile projects. The agency has also worked with promising young talent, including the current Oscar nominees.

Day One Public Relations Agency

If you’re looking for a creative agency that has a creative team that’s up-to-date with the latest trends, Day One Public Relations Agency is the place to go. This award-winning firm recently promoted Jamie Falkowski to Chief Creative Officer. In her new role, Falkowski will oversee the creative teams in New York, Chicago, and Portland. She’ll also focus on developing the agency’s next generation of creative talent.

Day One’s talented team works across all platforms to bring brands and companies together. Its recent work has included creating a viral ice cream flavor, creating an advertising campaign for Burger King, and generating 3.2 billion impressions for Popeyes. The agency also handled the launch of Justin Bieber’s Timbits collab with Tim Horton’s and announced the purchase of Firehouse Subs by RBI.

Coyne Public Relations LLC

If you’re looking for a public relations agency with a creative and strategic approach, Coyne Public Relations LLC is an excellent choice. Founded in 1991, Coyne PR is a full-service agency that delivers programs to communicate messages across multiple media channels. The firm has earned a reputation for its ability to craft messages that engage audiences, garner media coverage, and improve brand image.

The firm has worked with a number of global brands and health systems. Its SVP, Keith Bowermaster, has over 30 years of experience and has handled hundreds of crisis communications situations. He also has a background in digital and social media.

5W Public Relations

Good Talent – Public Relations Agency is a full-service public relations firm with more than 175 passionate professionals. It works with major brands and emerging companies, as well as individual clients and non-profit organizations. The agency specializes in a range of areas, including strategic planning, media relations, and reputation management.

This full-service PR agency is based in New York City. Its team of public relations experts and social media experts manages client accounts to achieve brand recognition and gain earned media exposure. This team also specializes in crisis communication, digital and social media management, and marketing.


Antenna Group is an integrated marketing firm that specializes in cleantech, real estate, mobility and health. CEO and founder Keith Zakheim has a diverse background, having held senior positions in the private and public sector. Before starting his own firm, he served as a councilman in Paramus, New Jersey, and as executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Central New Jersey.

Antenna Group focuses on public relations, digital marketing, influencer relationships, website development, and creative services for businesses. It has offices in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Hackensack, New Jersey. Its public affairs practice will further expand the firm’s capabilities in these areas.

AMP3 Public Relations

Good Talent – Public Relations Agency has a stellar roster of people and brands on its client list. They have handled media relations for Olivia Rodrigo, Allyson Felix, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and Peloton. They’ve also managed campaigns for emerging talent such as Oscar nominees.

Good Talent – PR Company Melbourne

Good Talent – PR company Melbourne offers a range of services for public relations campaigns. These services include the following: PR agency, business management consultancy and career guidance service. They also offer Onsite services. Good Talent Media & PR Agency Melbourne is located at 425 Smith St, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065, AU.

Good Talent Media & PR Agency Melbourne

Good Talent Media and PR Agency Melbourne is a full-service PR agency that works with clients across various industries. Its services range from media coverage and training to crisis media planning and social media engagement. It also offers political lobbying and online campaign strategies. The company has a team of PR specialists who can devise a PR strategy that suits your company’s specific needs and objectives.

Located in Melbourne, Good Talent Media & PR Agency specialises in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and health sectors. The agency prides itself on being a “new agency”, which means it focuses on developing new strategies to increase client exposure. The agency also offers full-service PR and social media management, incorporating digital marketing strategies and influencers.

Influencer marketing process MAGNETIC

The influencer marketing process can be very complex. It involves the selection of the right influencer, the articulation of content that will be effective in achieving your goals, and setting up the right metrics to measure your success. There are some specific considerations for influencer marketing campaigns that may not be as important as others. Luckily, there are a few common practices that are common to most campaigns.

Influencers who are whitelisted gain access to campaign metrics. In contrast, non-whitelisted influencers have limited access to these metrics. Depending on the size of the influencer’s audience and the length of the campaign, brands may incur unexpected advertising costs. They may also be unable to access lookalike audiences and other analytics that may be necessary to optimize their campaigns.

Crisis media planning

Crisis media planning is a key part of good public relations. It helps organizations make the best use of the media, including local and national media. Good Talent has extensive experience in crisis management, media training, and stakeholder engagement. As a result, they are well-positioned to help clients build their brands, shape public policy, and become industry leaders. This Melbourne-based PR firm is a boutique agency, offering a highly personalized level of service.

Crisis media planning by Good Talent – PR firm Melbourne has a range of strategies and tactics to manage media coverage. First, they educate clients on how to respond to different types of media. Good Talent Media also trains clients on how to shape discussions and present their organisation in the best light. Its crisis media planning services include training for government, corporates, and not-for-profit organisations.

Political lobbying

Good Talent Media’s political lobbying service can help you influence government policy, create awareness of your cause and gain media attention. Their team of experienced journalists and lobbyists can help you develop a campaign and lobbying strategy. They can even conduct interviews and train you in media tactics.

Good Talent – Media Training

The Good Talent – media training team consists of professionals with years of experience in various disciplines, including media training, political lobbying, crisis media, and thought leadership. As a result, we bring a wide variety of skills and expertise to the table that can benefit any organization or individual. To learn more about Good Talent Media, read on.

Good Talent Media

Good Talent media training is available to help your team overcome a wide range of communications challenges. The company’s experienced team has expertise in media training, crisis management, political lobbying and thought leadership. They can also help you build your social media strategy. The company’s team consists of three members who have worked with some of Australia’s largest media organizations.

Joanne Fleming has extensive experience in the media and business intelligence industries. She has worked with some of the most influential people in Australian society. As a former on-air journalist for Channel Ten, she understands the changing landscape of media. She is also an experienced podcast host. During media training, she helps clients develop their skills in storytelling and interview techniques.

Styles of media training

The most effective media training begins with a solid foundation. A good media trainer will make trainees comfortable making mistakes and buy into the importance of the training. An exposition of theoretical media training is not effective, and a trainee may not find the training as interesting as they would like if the trainer focuses solely on teaching theory. Instead, he or she should be encouraged to practice and reflect on what he or she is doing wrong.

The media appreciates genuine communicators. It helps create a good impression and makes audiences relate to featured individuals. For example, practicing how to handle unexpected questions can help you look competent and prepared. Also, practice guiding a conversation.

Benefits of media training

A media training program can improve your media performance. It can help you handle complex questions and situations with ease. It can also teach you how to handle different people and their reactions. These skills are important when it comes to getting the attention of media. The training also helps you practice answering questions off-hand, which can help you stay relaxed and calm under pressure. Ultimately, it will give you confidence in future situations.

During media training, you can get a better feel for how to answer questions in an interview. You can practice directing questions to your expertise, and you can learn how to avoid common pitfalls that make you appear unprofessional. You can also learn how to speak eloquently when being interviewed. In addition, you can prepare for mock interviews to give yourself a practice run.

Cost of media training

There are a number of advantages to media training. It helps you prepare for different situations. It also allows you to learn how to interact with the journalist and other people present at the interview. However, it does require a significant amount of time and money. To get the best results, you should get the training from a reputable media training agency. Some of the media training agencies have flexible training schedules and can hold interviews in their premises or at your place. They can also offer regular follow up sessions.

A media training session can last from one hour to several days. It is ideal if the media trainers can give personalised training for each trainee. This way, each media interview can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the trainees. During training, participants will learn how to effectively respond to questions, present themselves confidently, and avoid any common mistakes.

Investing in media training

If you’re looking for a way to get the most out of your good talent, consider investing in media training. This will help you improve your performance and boost your confidence, and it will help you tie that confidence back to your bottom line. Media training will also help you understand how to handle difficult questions that journalists may ask. Investing in this training is an investment in your people, and your institution.

While media training is a necessity, many companies are reluctant to invest in it. Many companies have small marketing budgets, and executives don’t have a lot of time. Despite this, companies that don’t invest in media training risk missing opportunities that would have helped them raise brand awareness and boost their image.

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