Mod in general term refers to a subculture that has its origins from London, England in late 1950s and peaked in the early-mid 1960s. Important elements of this subculture include fashion and pop music. As a matter of fact, the ‘mod’ movement of 1960s was not just a fashion or king of music but a lifestyle. Short for “modernist,” mod style or clothing was characterized by very bold and bright fashions. Discover everything about mod styles at this place. 

As mentioned above, the mod style or movement originated from Britain where the mod style was first a subculture developed by teenagers. The mod style was warmly embraced by young men and women who wanted a youth-centric style rather than the boring styles worn by their parents. There was a mod revival in England in the late 1970s, followed by a mod revival in North America in the early 1980s, especially in Southern California. You can browse this place for more information on British mod style, its revival in certain parts of the world.